Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hairy Hat Has a Home! Hooray!!

At long last, I've found a place that feels right. Surprisingly, it's an apartment in town, not a house. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, nice size, good kitchen. It'll do just fine. I've already arranged for phone/internet and cable tv. Gotta have the essentials, y'know?
I'll get my key this Friday, and move in over the weekend and my days off next week. Phone/net service will be active on Monday, cable the Monday following. Gotta find a good time to do the proper move-in rituals, too.
It's on the third floor (ouch!) but that's actually good for catching the breezes and staying cool without relying on the a/c as much. The corners in the stairs and hall are wide enough that moving things in shouldn't be too much of a problem. Sure would be nice if I could get a couple of strong guys to help with furniture when I get any! Might have to import a couple, huh? ;-)
I am very relieved to have found a good place. I was really beginning to worry and stress on it. For those who know me personally, you'll know how to get my address and phone number. The rest of you....who are you, anyway?? LOL
So now I get to pack my stuff back up and explain to the cats that it's just a short trip, not a three-day marathon. Then comes the fun of furniture shopping for the essentials, and figuring out where to put things, and.... Actually, the first step is to email the important people and groups and let them know where I am! That may take a while....
And of course, I'll have to figure out when I can get back to IN to get the rest of my stuff! Rather important, that, now that I have a place to put it!
I guess I'd better get busy on the emails. I will post pics of the new place when I get a chance. Thanks for all the energy and support, folks!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First look at possible house

Went out to Cerrillos to look at the ten-acre property. I only looked from the outside, as there's still not an arrangement with the soon-to-be-former tenant to get a look inside. The land is nice, not really much level ground, but room to walk about, put up a yurt once in a while and have a bit of yard space. The view is really nice, low hills in the foreground and higher ones blending into the mountains further out. It's only about 100 yards off the paved road, but sits in a little hollow, so it's quite private. I like it, and have told the landlady so. There's one other person in front of me, so I have to wait for him to see it, but I have a damn good chance of getting this one.
After my look around, I went into the village proper. Very tiny place, mostly tourist stuff, since the town is still pretty much in historical condition. Found the trading post and had a nice chat with the proprietress. The post is full of wonderful crystals and other things, and decently priced. They also have a small museum of the mining era in that part of the world. The local turquoise is a lovely aqua-greenish shade, and still is mined today. Incidentally, the movie "Young Guns" was filmed in the town!
Off to Madrid for a bit of late lunch. (It's pronounced MADD-rid, btw.) The movie Road Dogs was filmed there, and the locals are right...the town is nothing like the movie! Nice place, lots of eclectic galleries, shops and such. Spotted a couple places I will have to check out later. Madrid's the closest grocery store, too, so I'll be there off and on, I'm sure.
Back into Santa Fe for tea and internet, but had to stop at the newest library branch. Very nice, brand new, and more like what I'm used to. Checked out 4 books, then bought 2 at the Friends of the Library Bookstore on the way out. That should hold me for a week, right? I mean, it only took four hours to read Harry Potter, so I've got time for more!
Reading also helps me keep from worrying about the house thing. I am still in waiting mode (though Mercury gets out of his own shadow today, I think, and that should speed things up) and need to keep busy enough that I don't sabotage my own positive thinking. Face it, even with satellite, I can only watch so much TV...

You may also start seeing ads on my blog soon. I have signed up for Google AdSense, so click an ad if you can!
That's it for now! I'll keep y'all posted!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Magical monday?

Went to see Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix today. Even a matinee is $6.75! It was worth it, though, as the theater was free of screaming children ;-) I really enjoyed the movie. They did a good job on this one, and the combat scenes were really good. I also picked up my copy of HP7 this past Saturday, and yeah, I read it all the way through that night. I laughed, I cried, it was a very satisfactory ending. No spoilers here, kids, read it yourself!! LOL
On the house front, I have gotten my deposit back from the 5 br trailer, no problem. I had a feeling that was not the right place for me. I've heard back from the lady with the 3br trailer on 10 acres in Los Cerrillos. She is waiting to hear back from the current tenant on arrangements to show me the place. I'm glad she's keeping in touch with me, and told her I'm definitely still interested in the place. I'm still scoping out the ads every day, just in case.
I'm starting to get anxious to be in a place of my own soon. I know I'll need to come up with furniture, since even when I go back to Indiana for my stuff there will be things I need. A real bed, not just my futon (which will go in the guest room, I think), furnishings for the 2nd bedroom if needed, maybe curtains and such. I'll know more once I see and get my new place. Things other than furniture, I have most of what I need. But I know I need to get chairs, a couch and beds here. Thank heavens for yard sales and Goodwill! I've also been told of a couple of stores that have decently priced but still stylish furnishings. Lucky for me that my usual decorating style is "eclectic shabby chic with pagan overtones"! Gods, it'll be nice to be able to set up a permanent altar again!
It will also be nice to have a bedroom that I can shut the cats out of. I love the little beggars dearly, but their squabbling is not conducive to restful sleep. I have had bouts of insomnia and poor sleep patterns ever since I can remember, and don't need the added disruptions. I'm doing better, but still not feeling as rested as I'd like. I think getting into my own space will help, especially as I'll be able to fix the Feng Shui and other influences to my own liking. It's hard to feel comfortable doing one's usual rituals in a borrowed space.
So that's where I'm at right now. Waiting for pieces to fall into place. Familiar feeling, ain't it? That's ok by me - better right than rushed!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Still house hunting

The search continues. I have calls in to several places, and am trying to arrange to see places.
Found a great one this morning on, of all things, craigslist.com! Very good price, 2 br, 1.5 bath, mobile home on 10, yes, ten acres. There's a tiny 3rd bedroom that is more of an office, so she doesn't list it as a bedroom. Decent location, and hopefully the adaptations needed for rural life will deter others who are interested in it. I have talked to the landlady, nice gal, and frankly, what she calls 'drawbacks' to the place are 'features' to me! I grew up with propane, no problem. Water from a gravity feed tank, no problem (she told me the price for a fill-up - cheap!). It's internet capable, maybe even DSL. There's a current tenant (bit of a tale, there) so Lisa the landlady has to arrange showings with that lady. Should hear back this weekend so I can go look at the place. It's in Los Cerrillos, south of town. Fingers crossed!
Another place that I got a callback on is up in San Pedro, south of Espanola. Major drawback is that it's a duplex. Got a funny vibe from the landlord, and he's the one who'd be in the other half. Plusses are garden area, horses, and a greenhouse. Don't think I can get past the odd vibe, though, so I think I'll have to pass on that.
I am determined to get a good place and not settle for whatever comes along. I still have time, and am going to be relaxed and calm about this. (Have I convinced myself yet? Well, almost!)
Time to head out from the cafe and see what else I can find on a Friday night. With work tomorrow, it won't be too much or too late, anyway. I do have a DVD to watch at home, too.
Hasta luego!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Loki loves me, this I know....

...My flat tire told me so!
So I got up this morning, and set off for my appointment with a bank loan person. As I'm getting ready to turn from the exit ramp to the street I need...I got a flat. Big time. Toasted tire by the time I limped it the last 500 feet to the bank from the intersection. *sigh* Figured "oh, well, fix it when I come out", and went in for my meeting.
Upshot of the meeting is that I'm within about a year or so of being able to buy a house. Not bad, really. Just a couple things to clear up on the old credit report (both of which I swear I paid, but my receipts are in South Bend) and keep up with my car payments, credit cards, etc. Overall, rather a good report. Just means I'll be definitely renting for a year or so.
Left the bank, and headed for my truck so I can change my tire. Oh, Loki likes it when I dress up, too...I have on a white tank top and a long skirt today. Figures, right? Well, there was a young fellow from the landscaping crew who'd been waiting for me to come out so that he could help me! The crew was waiting on some gravel and he was free at the time. Bless his heart, he got it all taken care of, and I barely got my hands dirty! I offered him some money so he could get a cold drink, but he refused it. I thanked him very much, and was very thankful to the universe for sending me a helper!
Went up to Discount Tire, so I could get a new tire and put the spare back underneath the truck. It doesn't have the pretty rim, and well, I wanted the right rim on the truck. Silly, but I don't care. While I waited, I walked across the street to a used book store and an herb shop that I'd been wanting to check out. Herbs, Etc. is great! They have everything I need, and a few things I didn't expect to find. Herbs in bulk and packaged, Bach and FES remedies, magickal items and my Chinese medicine stuff I like...tons of goodies. I got some Bach Rescue Remedy lozenges, some herbal sleep aid softgels (need those), and some spirulina. Then to the bookstore, and oh, the bargain carts are dangerous! At 45 cents a book, I got 4 or 5 good ones, plus paid regular price for a pair of books on odd happenings and places in NM. Those books not only tell the stories very well, they also tell you how to get to the places, when the location is available. Road trips? Maybe when gas gets a bit more reasonable!
Back to Discount Tire, and a small setback. Since the Bravada is all-wheel drive, all four tires need to be within certain tolerances of each other as far as tread. The other tires were too worn to work with the new one, so I ended up getting all four tires. I was going to need them sooner or later, I knew, but I'd been hoping for later! Thank goodness for the charge card! I didn't have to use any of my house deposit money for the tires.
As far as house...well... I'm thinking the big 5 bed/3 bath is going to be out of reach, and not my best investment. Nice to dream, but I can do better. I looked at a 3br/2bath singlewide yesterday evening. It's do-able, but not in the best shape. Also, I don't think I can get hi-speed internet out there. That's a definite negative. I'll hold that one as last resort. The house in Pecos was a no-go from the start...I don't know how they can call a 4-room cottage a 2-bedroom, unless they expect someone to sleep in the living room. Open plan, no privacy, and way too small.
The search continues. The 'Thrifty Nickel', similar to our Penny Saver, comes out on Thursday, so there will be more ads there. I check the New Mexican online every day. The Journal is useless, as it's more ABQ than SF, and not sorted out by area. Keep the juju coming, folks, I know a good place is out there waiting for me. I need to find it by August 1st, and be in it by the 15th. I've written up my 'shopping list' so I know what I am manifesting. C'mon, Secret, work!! I know it will, I'm just anxious.
Anyway, that's where things are right now. More as it happens!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ups and Downs

What a week.
On Thursday the 12th, our church family lost a very good friend. Betty's cancer took her far sooner than any of us expected. Heck, we expected her to get well!! Six months to the day from when we lost our friend Mel, Betty took her trip to the Summerlands. I'm really going to miss her. Betty was the one who gave me my elf for Yule. There's an inside joke there, obviously, and those who know me will get the true meaning. For the rest of you, let's just say I tend to like the Legolas-type.

On the up side, I have an appointment tomorrow to see a house. It's a great place, a manufactured house in a good park, but it could be moved to permanent land later on. Best of both worlds! It's got 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, and lots of amenities. The owners are looking for someone to take over payments, and I think it's very possible. I already had a meeting with my banker set up for Tuesday to talk about home buying possibilities, so this is just perfect timing! I can see me in that house already!

A sideways wobble... Called my friend Matti Tuesday, and found that he'd already gone up to see his brother Mark in Seattle. Well, pooh! Don't know how long he'll be there, but he'll be back, I'm sure.

Mama and Papa E. came down Friday to pick up their computer. Last I heard, Mama had it up and running, so that's good. Guess I can postpone my house call for a little bit! They didn't stay long, as I was at work, and they had running around that needed to be done before Papa's doctor appointment. Even if it's a short visit, it's sure nice to have "family" out here.

Today at work was a bit slow in the store, but that's ok. I got some much-needed organizing work done in back. The excitement of the afternoon was a mariachi band playing in the middle of the mall. Good stuff, but boy does that sound carry!!

As you can tell, there's no such thing as 'same old, same old' sometimes! Hopefully I will have good news soon, and I'll certainly share it with everyone.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Busy Monday

Lots to do today!
Woke up relatively early, about 7:00. Mama Gladys called at 7:30 to confirm that she and Papa Ron were coming down today for his doctor's appointment and our lunch date. Way cool.
Just in case they wanted to stop by my little apartment, I spent a couple of hours doing a thorough tidying up and rearranging. (Note to self: buy some bookends!) They ended up not having time to stop out at the house, but I still feel better having cleaned up.
We met at the mall at noon, and I gave the folks the nickel tour of my workplace. Both were favorably impressed, and they got to meet my bosses as well. Off to lunch after that. I was going to try the Plaza Cafe, but the traffic/parking mess was typical, so we decided to hit the Baking Co. Cafe instead. The sandwiches were a big hit, and I got the asian salad. Yummy. There was enough breeze for us to eat outside on the patio. The tables have umbrellas, so it was very comfortable.
When I took them back to the mall (we'd carpooled to lunch) I gave Mama some cookbooks I'd found, with diabetic friendly recipes, and a copy of my family's cookbook with the stories in it.
Papa's doctor appointment went well, and he's got a follow up on Friday, so they'll stop by the store to say hi and pick up a package that's getting shipped to me for them. Easier than shipping it clear up to their place and having to pick it up at the local diner!

My next task was to go out to Cochiti Lake, south of Santa Fe, and look at a house for rent. It's nice, but a bit on the small side. The rent's a bit more than I'd like to pay, and the houses on that street are all attached, too. I think I'll have to pass on that one, as nice as the area is. I think I'd feel too crowded.
So, I've made a few more calls, trying to contact people with places for rent. Left voicemail where I could, and now I'm stalled out till tomorrow, I guess. Time to work with The Secret some more.

Back into town again, checking the commute time/distance from Cochiti Lake, and stopped at work to get an order figured out for sax pads. Gotta have 'em, and if they get ordered tomorrow, they will get here in decent time, I hope. That's been my biggest frustration, really, just being out of parts and needing tools and supplies. Not an insurmountable problem, just inconvenient. I'm not used to having to order parts, since that was never really my job at the Woodwind. Just more to learn!

Tomorrow, I think I'll do laundry, check on some more housing options, and see what I can do for fun. Might be a good time to run into ABQ for no reason at all ;-)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'd call it Weekend Update, but that name's taken...

Ahh, Sunday night. My weekend has begun.
I'm listening to a wonderful cello/keyboard duo at the Baking Co., and noshing on chilaquiles. Chilaquiles are scrambled eggs with corn tortilla strips, cheese, onions and chiles all mixed in. Pretty good, especially with the home fries and extra chile sauce. Damn, I think I'm going native.
The music is very good, very eclectic. I've heard classical pieces, some tangoes, and a cover of "Desperado" by the Eagles. Wild.
Last night I had some good music, too, at a bar & grill called Brumby's. A Galway fellow by the name of Gerry Carthy. Plays a great tenor guitar, whistle and other instruments. Not much of a crowd there, unfortunately for him, but we got to talk a bit. Bought a CD. Gerry's been around Santa Fe for 20 years now, and he says he still feels like the only Irishman around. He did mention a place in ABQ that sometimes has music, and maybe they have a session. The website says live music Sunday afternoons, so we'll see. Might have to trade a day off and go down.

Been looking for more permanent housing, too, and there were a couple of promising ads in the paper today. I think I'll call on them tomorrow and see what I find. I'm very close to having enough money for "first,last & deposit", and depending on what the landlords ask for, I could be in another place within a paycheck or two. Time to put "The Secret" to work, or at least pay closer attention to what I'm asking for!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Flexibility can be fun

Well, I didn't make it to the 'Pancakes on the Plaza' yesterday, and I'm not disappointed at all, since I was up at the Mountain Home instead. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Monday is one of my regular days off, so I decided to go down to the Plaza area and do a little shopping and people-watching. Lots of tourists, of course, but also very neat shops and cafes all over. I was doing some shopping for a friend of mine, actually, and tourist stuff is exactly what I wanted to find. Betty is undergoing chemo and radiation (both at once!) and will probably lose her hair. I found some neat bandanas and a Santa Fe baseball cap for her. I also found a really cool t-shirt that I sent to my friend Kevin...it says "Make Art, Not War" and the graphic looks a bit like an old Soviet propaganda poster. He'll get a kick out of that, I think. I sent my parcels out Tuesday by priority mail, so maybe he'll get the shirt in time for the gallery opening on Friday. We'll see.
Also found an excellent restaurant, the India Palace. Nice staff, good buffet. The naan (bread) was so good, and there's plenty of vegetarian fare, of course. Reasonable price for downtown, too, under 10 bucks including drink.

Tuesday, I dropped off my packages at the post office, and headed up to Chama around 10 a.m. Got to the Mountain Home about noonish, to find that there was a small traffic jam at the gate to the community. Someone was delivering a small house/large shed on the back of the truck. Turns out that the driver was one Matt Bouska, John's brother! Papa Ron and he talked for a bit, in the road, and that was cool. Small world out here, I tell ya. See, John's in Indiana, but used to work with Papa out here, and....you get the idea.
Of course, when I go up to the mountain home, there's usually a chore or two. And not two days before this, Papa Ron had mentioned that the water filters were in need of a change. Naturally, since I changed them in April, I was right in time to change them again! I don't mind, especially since neither Papa nor Mama Gladys can really get down onto the floor to work on them. I'm already penciled in for Labor Day, when the next change is due. ;-) I also worked on their old dinosaur computer while I was up there. Pentium II, on a very slow dialup...not much I can do, but I did find a few problems I could fix. Glad there's a new machine on the way for them!
Don't worry, I did relax while I was up there. Read a book, visited neighbors and just chilled out as best I could in the heat. Tuesday was a scorcher, and if it hadn't been for an afternoon thundershower, Wednesday would have been just as bad. I ended up spending the night Tuesday, and Wednesday there was a potluck at one of the neighbors' houses. Got to meet more of the local residents, very nice people. After dinner, I headed back home to Santa Fe. (That still sounds odd to me....) I now have my own key to the community gate, so the folks won't have to use gas and time to come meet me and let me in. Way cool. Guess I'm really adopted now!
Got home last night just as the fireworks were going on. Watched them from the road as I drove in, and it was very pretty. Stopped for a quick internet fix in the parking lot of my favorite hotspot (come on, two days on nothing but dialup? I was jonesing!!) and then headed home to feed the cats.
The cats were happy to see me, as they'd been subsisting on dry kibble and water while I was gone. If they ever get the hang of opposable thumbs and can open the cans of wet food, I may be out of a job! But they are good cats, if annoying and noisy while I'm trying to sleep. I admit, it will be nice when I have a separate bedroom with a door again!
So, back to work today after my little holiday. Nice busy day, lots of people in the store, and I even sold a guitar! Hopefully this upward trend will continue.
A nice dinner of cold sesame noodles and spring roll tonight, and soon I'll head back to the apartment. I have a DVD to watch before I take it back to the library in the morning.
We'd been having some water problems in the house this past week, but it seems to be resolved for now, so I'll be glad to get my dishes caught up. Nothing major, just annoyance at this point.

Can't think of anything else, but if you have questions or comments, drop a line.