Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Extended holiday

Good news is, I have a flight home. But it isn't until New Year's Eve. I'll miss more work than I really wanted to, but that's how it goes sometimes.
Got to spend a few days up at my Mom's place. That was really nice. I usually have to just breeze in and out, maybe stay one night if I can. This time I got to spend three nights! There were 9 of us for dinner on Xmas day, and we stopped by another uncle's place that evening for a quick visit. Lots of talk and family stories, loads of food...yeah, it was a good holiday.
So right now I'm sitting at a coffeehouse in South Bend, since Fiddler's is only doing dinner for the next few days. I have stuff to do at the old house, and arrangements to make for the next few days as well as for getting home to Abq. There's still a couple of people I want to catch up with while I'm here, too.
Hope y'all had a good holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

OY, what a month....

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a long while. Between the long workdays and commute to match, and worrying about the 'family' up on the mountain, I just haven't had time to do both blogs. Heck, I got a lot more sporadic on the LJ, too.
I'm in Indiana now, for my Yule visit. Tonight's my pub night, and hopefully it'll be a very good time. I don't have plans carved in stone for the rest of my time here, and am trying to stay flexible. I know what I'd like to do, but it depends on a few things like time, money, transportation, etc.
The one thing I'm sorry to miss back in NM right now is Papa Ron's memorial service. He passed on the 15th, and this Saturday, they're having a small service. I wish I could be there. So, the next best thing is to raise a toast while I'm at the pub.
Gotta run, stuff to do!