Saturday, August 22, 2009

An update at last

A day late, but time for a birthday blog, at least. Had to work yesterday, and still wasn't feeling 100%, but over all it was a decent day. Got many well wishes from friends at work and online, and though I wasn't up to going out or anything after working so late, it was okay. My mom sent a card, and a bit of money, so that was cool. I know I've got some presents coming, too, though it's my own fault that one of them's late...should have thought of what to ask for sooner!
Work has been getting rougher. All of us are feeling it, not just in our department, and we're really trying to pull together to keep each other sane and surviving. More of us are heading back to school this fall, too. It's not the actual work as much as the soul-draining atmosphere. Our supervisors are feeling it nearly as much as we are, and nobody likes to feel like a mistreated drone.
We do have fun, though, and the other day, I was the one getting picked on. Since my birthday was coming, and I'm a bit older than my friend Tom (we're rebuilding a motorbike, and have been hanging out some), I was getting some ribbing about that, especially since he just had his birthday a couple of weeks earlier. I don't know why, I just happen to have several male friends who are a lot younger than I. But the one guy I'd really like to be with is only a year younger, so there! Anyway, cougar jokes aside...
The bike is only progressing slowly, due to financial shortages, but we have gotten a new gas tank and parts to re-do the rear brakes. It's a start! We need to get it running soon, though, so Tom will have an easier way to get back and forth to school and work. His scooter got stolen in July, and was never recovered. Work's within bicycle range for him, but school's too far, and the buses aren't dependable enough. Bicycle and buses don't work for my schedule and location, either, darn the luck. The most I can hope for is on Fridays when I have lab all day, and that's only IF the buses run early enough to get me clear across town in time. I'm skeptical.
School for me this fall is 15 credit hours, including retaking Pharmacology and Drug Calculations classes. I didn't do well enough in those, and want to make sure I get the material down before I try to get into the Paramedic Cohort in January. My other classes are Advanced Trauma (one lecture, one lab), Intro to Fire Science (online) and Financial Literacy (online). The nice thing about the Financial Literacy course is that it will enable me to start a matched savings account through CNM that can be used for school, buying a home or starting a business. The online courses start a few weeks later than the live classes, so that'll give me time to get organized.
I did manage to get student loans, and I hope they'll be enough to get me through. If I get into Cohort in January, the program recommends that you not work, since it's very intensive. Since I'm my only support, I'll have to try and work part-time if I can, and stretch the money as best I can. I am going to get myself a new computer, and I'm getting a MacBook. Other expenses coming out of the loan money are getting the gas turned back on in the apartment, and possibly upgrading my cellphone. I'm also considering getting a Costco card, or at least getting into 'planned bulk shopping' mode to save money. Paying rent ahead is a consideration, and of course I'm getting my teeth fixed while I have the insurance to do it. I'm going on the presumption that I won't be able to work full-time come January. If I don't make Cohort, it'll be the following Fall before another one starts, so I'd continue working and take other classes in the meantime. We shall see. I'm also looking for the chance to start working in EMS even before I finish school, so I can get the experience.
But, before the next round of classes start, there's Bubonicon 41!! Yay! I'm running registration again, and spent a good part of the day laminating badges. We have one last meeting tomorrow, and the con starts on Friday. My good friend Mishalak is coming down from Denver, and three or four of us are going to be sharing a room. Sure, I only live a couple of miles from the hotel, but this way, I have a pied-a-terre at the con, in case I'm too tired to drive home or can't easily leave site. We're also planning out a meal in the Crock-Pot, hot oatmeal for breakfasts, and other good food and drink. Downright civilized, huh? We'll probably do something similar for MileHiCon in October, too.
September's gonna be kinda busy, at least on one weekend. Mabon weekend, the 17th - 20th, is a campout event, and Tom and I are planning to go. But...we'll head out Thursday after work, come back Friday morning so he can work and I can go to lab, then back to camp. He'll stay out Saturday, but I have a wedding to officiate, so an extra trip for me, but Saturday night's gonna be lots of fun, and Sunday, well, we probably both have to work. Crazy, but it just might work!
October's shaping up to be busy, too. My friends Danielle and Gary are getting married in Indiana, and I'm her maid-of-honor! It'll be a short trip, since CNM doesn't have a mid-term break and I have to leave after class on Friday and be back on Tuesday. MileHiCon is at the end of October, and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that. I may end up driving up after class that Friday, too. I do want to drive, so I can swing by the mountain on the way home and visit.
Other than those outings, it's pretty much gonna be work and school and not much else! Oh, I'm sure I'll get to do some things, and my new schedule will let me start going to ASFS meetings again, at least. But I'll be sticking fairly close to home otherwise. Thank heavens for the internet!!
That's a brief update for ya. It's been a busy summer, and fall's shaping up to be the same. I'm sure it's going to be interesting!