Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Seriously, is today over yet?
Thursday was good, had way too much food for Thanksgiving, and got to see Kung Fu Panda, among other DVDs. Good times.
Yesterday, back to work. Not fun. Everybody had to work. This means that there are not enough desks to go around, even if all the computers and phones at those desks worked. Which they don't. People would go to lunch and someone else would just chuck their stuff somewhere and take over the desk. Stupid, inefficient, and stressful. Luckily, I ended up 'floorwalking' for the day, so could use one of the nonworking pods as my base to log in at.
Today, not so lucky. Still horribly overcrowded, though I think some people did call in. I ended up back on the phones all day. Managed to get the pod I was at to work, finally. That was about the best part, then it started going downhill. That time of the month caught me without any supplies and ruined my last decent pair of undies. Then, at lunch, I broke my tooth. Not all of it, just a good sized chunk off the molar that's been plaguing me for the last few months. It doesn't hurt, but the sharp edge is a bit annoying. I'll see about getting some dental putty on it when I get a chance. Insurance doesn't kick in till after the first of the year, so hopefully I can hold off till then. Ugh. And all I was eating for lunch was bread and soup! I went to take a bite and somehow hit wrong and crunched my own tooth. I'm just glad that it's relatively minor and isn't painful. Sure didn't need the stress today, though.
Tomorrow's Sunday, so a day off. Gotta try to clean house, of course, and ought to do some laundry. I really need to go walkabout tomorrow, because I want to try and get a good spot arranged to do some busking on Thursday for the Nob Hill Shop-N-Stroll. It's up to the store owners, so I will be asking around the businesses. Otherwise, I'll find a vacant storefront to set up in front of. I'm nervous, I haven't done much public playing, and haven't had time to practice as much as I'd like. I'll just be taking the whistles and voice, I think. Guitar's got a possible spot, but fiddle's not nearly ready to debut yet. Weather is also a factor, but it shouldn't be too bad.
After all that, I'm tired. I've had some dinner, and a cup of green tea. Okay, a couple of cookies, too. A bit of TV, a bit of Internet, and bedtime soon.
It will get better, I know. I am officially registered for my classes at CNM, and the prospect of better employment through this education is keeping me going. I have the part I need to replace on my truck, so can fix that soon. I've found land that I can almost afford, putting me that much closer to my dream home. And I'm better off than I was last year at this time. Little steps still get me forward, as long as I keep them going in the right direction.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday is blog day

Accomplished a fair bit today.
I walked to the CNM campus and took my placement tests, had a talk with an advisor, and explored the campus a bit. I know what classes I need to register for this semester now; EMT-Basic, a general Health class (mainly about HIPAA and such), and a Math class. The math is needed for doing drug calculations, of course, and can be taken as a co-requisite. My test scores were actually pretty good, considering how long it has been since my last math course (1983 or 84, in college). Naturally, my English and Reading tests were very good, and I wasn't worried about them at all. I also found out that I can register on 11/26 instead of waiting till 12/1, so I'm less likely to be shut out of a full class. Books are my next worry, and even though the bookstore doesn't have the books in yet, I can go online and find the exact list I need so I can look for used books or online bargains if need be. Once I've registered, I can get my ID card, bus pass and parking permit. I'm looking forward to that, believe me. Access to the library, computer labs, student discounts...oh, yeah!
Having school to look forward to is already helping me. I was in a deep blue funk for most of the past week, and being able to think about school and what it will help me do in the future helped pull me out of it. Or pull my head out of my ass, take your choice...
Walking back from CNM, I had a snack and then stopped by a used book store. I had found one book on the dollar cart (on archery), but the owner was on an errand, so I waited till she got back so I could go inside and look around. Found two other books (Victorian Murderesses and a Zen Macrobiotic Cookbook), and since I'd waited, she only charged me two bucks for all three! How nice!
Stopped for a bit at Satellite Cafe on Central for a cup of "London Fog". It's Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and a shot of vanilla, yummy. A bit of blog while I'm here, then I'll walk the rest of the way home soon. I think we're plotting at Rurik's again tonight, so I'll drive to that since it'll be dark by then.
Plotting...hee hee. There are enough Hordefolk here in al-Barran now that we are going to start working on making our presence felt. To that end, we are planning entries for the A&S competitions at the Midwinter event. Details later, but it will be good and there will be photos....
Let's see, I also made bread on Sunday, with a new-to-me recipe that calls for evaporated goat's milk and oats. It was quite easy and good bread, so that recipe will stay in the repertoire. The goat milk made me think of Irina....
Last but certainly not least, a big shout out to all Veterans and current members of the Armed Services. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I honor you as I honor my ancestors, both blood kin and heart kin. Those who know me have heard me speak of the fact that there has been at least one service member in each generation of my family, in a line that stretches back to the French and Indian War. Some of them didn't make it home. I am grateful for their sacrifice. Most of them did come back, and for them I am thankful. If you love your freedoms, thank a veteran. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And now, for my next trick...

No going back now, if I'm telling everyone about it, right?

I'm going back to school next semester.
I've enrolled at CNM (the community college), and am going to become an EMT and hopefully Paramedic. If I go all the way, it'll be two years of classes. Not bad at all, and I could probably get work in the field once I finish EMT-Basic classes.
I'm already brushing up on my math and algebra skills for the placement tests. I'll go in for those next week, no appointment needed. The tuition is free, since I'm in the tax district. All I need to buy is textbooks and some basic equipment (hello, eBay?), and pay any fees. You bet I'm nervous! I haven't done any formal schooling in almost 20 years. This is a totally new field for me, even though I've been First Aid and CPR trained for ages, and have done chirurgeon work in the SCA as well. I have enjoyed doing that, and can use these skills not only for a career, but also for SCA, SilverMoon (the local pagan event healthcare volunteers), and if the world goes to heck in a handbasket.
Wish me luck!