Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Mexico pics on Photobucket

Been busy working and packing (and throwing out a lot of junk), but I did manage to put copies of my trip photos on Photobucket. Check 'em out!
Look for the subfolder of New Mexico Trip. (The direct URL isn't showing up, it's too long.)

I promise I'll try to get more pics once I'm settled in out in Santa Fe!

I've got 2 more weeks at work, then a week off to finish packing up. One last trip up to see my mom and the rest for my high school's Alumni Banquet, then I start driving out on June 11th. Time is flying, and it's hard to stay focused.
I did take time out to go down to the Mother Grove CD release party this past Friday. Awesome party, had a great time. I'll get some of those photos up sometime, too.

Gotta get busy! ttyl!