Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lughnasadh Update

Ok, I think I’ve recovered from my Lughnasadh weekend campout. It was excellent, and well worth taking the time off from work. Honestly, I needed the break.
Work is going fine, but now that I’m in “Laptop Connect”, the calls are more challenging and take longer to resolve. I still get frustrated with the ones I can’t quite fix, but the number of those calls is dropping. And many times, the problem lies in the computer, and there’s nothing I can do except tell them they need to get to a repair tech.
So, yeah, stress relief was definitely in order this weekend. Not that I wasn’t nervous about the opening ritual I wrote, or running a workshop!
The event started Thursday, and I got up to the site at about 1 p.m. It was a bit later than I’d hoped, but since I was towing a borrowed trailer full of stuff for the event, I took my time getting there. No way am I going to try and go 70 on the highway with a trailer, not with my little V-6 engine! Luckily, there were only about 8 miles of actual freeway, with the rest on smaller highways and roads.
I had plenty of time to get my camp set up, and get some people to read parts for the ritual. It was a pretty simple opening, and everyone seemed to like it. The theme for the whole event was “Lugh’s Games”, so playful and fun was called for! The circle was cast with blowing bubbles, and the Spirit was invoked in the form of the Holy Fool. Short and simple, just like I hoped.
Friday I participated in a couple of workshops, worked security/safety for a while, and then we had the Body Painting Jam and Fantasia Fling. The painting was fun, with everybody taking turns decorating each other. Watercolor pencils are great for this, even though some folks sweated off some of the paint before the Fling.
Saturday, more workshops, the Main Ritual, and that evening was the potluck feast. Yum! Some very talented cooks in this bunch, I tell ya. Considering that I’d been getting by on granola bars, dried fruit and the like, I was hungry! Bardic Circle was that evening, too, and I hoped that the beers I’d drunk wouldn’t mess me up! I did “For Three Of Us”, which I’d learned from Tempest, and one of John Inchingham’s songs, “The Rogue Wizard’s Lament”. It felt good to sing again, especially as I had next to no voice at Beltane. After Bardic, the drumming and dancing, and we were able to have a really good fire to gather around. Hooray for rain and less danger of wildfires!! I ended up being Fire Tender for the evening, so was the last one out. A few of us stayed out late, lying on the ground by the fire and enjoying the night sky. Lots of falling stars, nearly no light pollution...combined with the new moon and solar eclipse energy, it was just magical.
I think I got to bed about 4 a.m., after dousing the fire thoroughly. About an hour or so later, I (and most of the camp) woke to the yipping of a young coyote! Boy, he was loud! He was checking out the generator about 50 ft. from my tent, apparently. After a while he heard the rest of the pack calling from the other ridge and took off to join them. First time I’d ever really heard a coyote live. Pretty cool.
Sunday was Closing Ritual and packing out. I didn’t get to the sunscreen in time, so got kinda toasted. Serves me right, I guess. After I got the trailer dropped off, and got my shower, I pretty much crashed for the evening. The rains waited till that evening, thank goodness.
All in all, a good weekend. I feel much better for having had the time off and getting out to camp. There were a lot of little things that made me think of my friends off at Pennsic, too. We even had a yurt in the camp, and that made me smile for many reasons.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to the Mabon event, but I’m sure looking forward to Witches’ Ball for Samhain!