Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And today's entry....

No extra hours this week. Sucky boo. Really could use the overtime, but the time away from work is helpful. The house is a real mess lately.
On the plus side, I think I've found the black hole that's eating up my money. Just not sure I can do anything about it in time to fix it before it gets worse. Gotta try. I'm looking at other money-making opportunities, too, and in order to do them, I need my internet. So, I'm going with the cheaper alternative of dsl. It's cheaper than tethering my cell phone, going back to cable or buying an aircard. Dialup is right out. The service should be turned on by Thursday evening, after Mercury has gone direct, thank you very much!
The weather's turned cool and rainy, so I fired up the furnaces in the apartment at long last. They are both working fine, which is a good thing. The cats are also pleased. I did do a bit of walking today, but not a full hike. Too much to get done on my 'day off' to take the time to walk everywhere. But I am taking the time to enjoy one last pot of tea at the Flying Star and get on their wi-fi.
I am rather pleased that my Paid Time Off request for MileHiCon has been approved. That will give me time to enjoy the trip more. It looks like I will have to fly, rather than drive, as the brake job that the truck needs would eat most of my budget for that pay period, and I need to get out of the hole. The plane ticket is much cheaper, even if I have to go to an agency and pay by check before my paycheck comes in on 10/24. I have crash space (as far as I know) and will be on several panels. It's going to be fun.

Written offline on Saturday night, 10/12/08

Time to catch up on a little bit of blogging.
I've been working an awful lot lately, trying to get as many extra hours of work as possible. I have to get the truck's brakes fixed as soon as I can, and definitely before I head up to Denver for Mile Hi Con. I may not have to drive to the con, depending on whether my friend Dante wants to ride up with me, but if I can, I'd like to. It was a pleasant drive last year, and I have extra time budgeted in to the trip. I'll still look at flight options, for economy's sake. Flying would give more time, that's for sure. I'll work that out later. I'm just bummed that my dear Gaffer won't be coming down for Khural the weekend before that, so won't be riding back up with me.
I've been dealing with a toothache today. It's from the hole in my one molar where the filling came out about two years ago. I think the nerve is finally exposed, and it started kicking up suddenly this afternoon. I've been putting clove oil on it, but the percoset that I had left from my surgery doesn't seem to touch it. I'll get some spilanthes, too, to help with the long-term healing and prevent infection. I've heard that there's a dental clinic that works on an income-related basis, and I'll check it out as soon as I can get the paperwork I need.
I did get online a bit earlier this afternoon, after getting home from Ryan's and doing a couple of errands. The pain made me stop before I got everything done that I had wanted to, but once I got my clove oil, I was able to enjoy the Shop & Stroll in Nob Hill. I'd forgotten that it was going on, but it was nice to get out.
Central Ave. was blocked off between Carlisle and Girard, about a quarter-mile stretch. It was quite festive, with sidewalk sales, bands and music, and even some bellydancers. A lot of the shops that are usually not open on Sundays when I go for my walk were open today. One place that had caught my eye was better than I had expected – it has lovely Asian and East Indian clothing and accessories, and they even hand tailor kimonos! The prices looked reasonable, too. Definitely a place to put on the wish list.
My errands this morning took me to the fabric store to get supplies for my Halloween costume. I'm really looking forward to the Witches' Ball, and Ryan is planning to go with me, too. Of course, I have to work that day before we go, but as it's the day after Halloween, I may be able to get away with wearing part of my costume there, or at least change into it at the end of the day. I'm going as a Nekomata, (oh, just google it), so kimono, ears/tail, wig and makeup. Easy enough to do, especially as I'll have the wig pre-styled. Ryan's going to wear his kilt (and, he says, “nothing else”) so maybe I'll see if he wants some woad for decoration.
Last night, we watched American Beauty and Pink Floyd's The Wall with a few Coronas and a sixpack of Pete's Wicked Ale Strawberry Blonde. I was bummed that the store was out of Wild Blue, but the Strawberry wasn't bad. It felt good to kick back and relax, knowing that I didn't have to get up and go to work today. This morning, I got ambitious, walked to the store and got stuff to make breakfast. Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, just right in the cool weather.
Tonight, a few more episodes of “Rome” on DVD, and then to bed. Having the tower computer hooked up to the TV is pretty cool, and since I've no internet or cable for now, I've got time to catch up on DVDs. When I finish these, I can borrow others from friends or the library. Plus, I've still got a few movies on my external hard drive that look so much better on the bigger screen.
Tomorrow's back to work. Don't know if there's overtime this week, so can't really do extra on Mondays, as I'd have to go in early. I'm on the closing shift, so staying late isn't an option, it's got to be going in early instead. Frankly, I don't mind having one day that's not a 12-hour shift.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Safely landed

I'm back from my little jaunt to Indiana. Got in this afternoon, showered and took a well-deserved, much needed nap. Many thanks to all who helped me with crash space, rides and food!
I'm still kinda bummed that I didn't get a chance to run up the last 100 miles and see my mom. No gas money, even with the offer of a borrowed vehicle, and just not enough time to do it. I did call her, though, and it works out - she got called in to work that day after all and wouldn't have had time to spend with me!
Tomorrow, it's back to work. There should still be overtime, so I'm planning to go in early and start pulling more of those 12-hour days. Gotta get the brakes fixed, gotta get bills paid, and MileHiCon is the week after Khural... I'll rest in November, maybe.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

One whupped puppy, that's me!

Tired as heck, sore, and quite content with that.
I'm in Indiana at the moment, having flown back yesterday to attend and DJ at a wedding today. My friends Linda and Dustin got hitched. Nice simple ceremony, somewhat Hindu style, but not too pagan for the other family members.
I managed to get the earlier flight yesterday, on standby. 8 am is a much better time than 1 pm, especially when you don't want to deal with Chicago during rush hour. Granted, leaving the house at 5 a.m. was not so much fun, and I rarely sleep well before traveling. The flight was good, a full plane, and I was glad to have gotten a seat. Ambr picked me up at O'Hare, and drove me to South Bend. Nice bonus, hadn't planned on that. Our dinner at Fiddler's was rather disappointing. The food wasn't up to the usual standards, and when we mentioned it, they still didn't do anything about it. I hope it's just a fluke, but on a home game Friday, they can't afford to be anything less than their best!
After dinner, Ambr, Bill, Lori and I walked around the corner to the Spurious Fugitive art gallery for this month's opening. Caught up with my friend Kevin, but Larry didn't make it this time. Then it was off to Linda and Dustin's to prep stuff and try to get some sleep.
I say try, because sharing a room with 6 cats, and their litterboxes, is not conducive to a good night's rest. At least the pillow and blanket smelled nice and helped to counteract the rest. But these cats aren't well-socialized yet, plus one of them peed on my jammie pants when I had kicked them off from the warmth. Another made a poo and then tracked it onto the bed. Add in the achy knee and the work-dreams, and I didn't sleep much.
Got up when I couldn't stand it any more, threw my pants into the washer right away, cleaned up the mess, got dressed and helped Linda get ready. The wedding went well, except for my CD drive flaking out, having to make an emergency speaker purchase (didn't realize the cords to my PA system weren't with it), and not being able to pull one song off of Linda's hard drive. The food was good, but the fatigue caught up to some of us. Ambr went home, and I arranged to borrow Sandymom's truck for the afternoon and evening. I went over to Kyle's (my old house) to get another bagful of stuff to take home with me. Found some things I'd been wanting, didn't find others, but all in all a productive few hours.
Now I'm at a different friend's house for the night. While I'm using the internet connection, she's going through my music collection on the Disk of Holding and enjoying some tunes. Tomorrow, we'll go to church, and then I'll catch a ride to the South Shore train so I can head up to Chicago. My flight out is Monday morning, so I'll stay Sunday night with Ambr and Norman, and she'll take me to O'Hare on Monday morning. I had hoped to go up and see my mom, but I haven't the time or the gas money to do it. If I hadn't had to spend 200 dollars on my truck's brakes, I could have done it. Grrr. Mom understands, of course, but I had hoped.
I'm running out of steam, so will head to bed soon. It's only 8:20 back in Abq, but I'm feeling more tired than I usually am at 10:20 which is what it is here. Night!