Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting ready for school!

Some progress in the education portion of my life. Not without frustration, of course...It seems that CNM did a wonderful job recruiting students, but FAILED to evaluate whether their infrastructure and offices could handle all that traffic!!
I didn't make cohort, so ended up doing my registration, paperwork and payment arrangement stuff all today (way late for me), because I had to wait for word on that. Unfortunately, it's also the first day for all the brand new students to do the same. Epic long lines and wait times ensued. My home printer is still not working, on top of all that, so I also had to hit a computer lab - which I *swear* had twice as many computers in it when I went by there last week! WTF??
Anyway, it's done. I have till mid-September to make the next payment for my classes, and by then I should have some financial aid coming my way.
The budget is still very tight, but not impossibly so, with that breathing room. I will deal with books once I have my loan money, and already have the most important ones, thank goodness. I am also signed up for a free algebra refresher workshop which may enable me to change math classes before school actually starts, and save me time and money by letting me skip a lower level pre-requisite for the class that my degree requires. That's a very good thing!
I've got a pagan camping event next weekend which I am looking forward to. Bubonicon is about a month away, and my birthday is the week before that. I'm still baking and hope to be able to get some orders for breads and cookies for extra cash. My roomie, Tom, is working hard, though still part-time, and is helping as much as he can. The "woods" seem a lot less threatening today. I'm not out of them, by a long shot, but it's less Mirkwood and more Greenwood sometimes. ;-)

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